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How to prevent damage during house moving?

Home relocation doesn’t end with the hiring of a professional movers and packers team rather there is a lot that you need to do to make sure the moving company is taking appropriate precautions to safeguard your old home while you are moving to a new place. You might be taking appropriate steps to protect your belongings but remember the safety of your existing property so that no damage is caused to the place. There can be several risks of property damage like –

  1. Scratches on floor
  2. Dents on walls and doors
  3. Cracked windows and many more.

Whether you plan to house moving with your friends or hire expert Melbourne removals, there are chances that moving bulky items and furniture can cause damages to your house. Adopting some protective measures can help you keep your home as well as furniture secured throughout your move.

What you need to guard during the move?

  1. As we know there is high risk of denting the walls while lifting up heavy furniture, you can cover them with old bedsheets or blankets or even with cardboard. Make sure to cover your furniture edges with the corner guards that have high risks of hitting the walls.
  2. Handrails placed alongside the stair case are highly prone to getting damages during house removals. You can protect those by placing foam sheet, bedsheets, corrugated, or any clothing that can help avoid damages. Also do not put direct taping on the handrails which can disrupt the polish of the rails.
  3. Bigger furniture and home appliances like beds, sofas, refrigerator, etc can bump into the doors or lead to scratches. You can use foams or old blankets make sure to pack your belongings properly with bubble wraps or foam sheets.
  4. You can use moving trolley when who are relocating your home as heavy furniture might offer issues in lifting, which a moving cart can make convenient. Moving straps also works great when you are planning for Melbourne moving to easily move household items without exerting much of your physical strength.

Moving blankets are thick in fabric that is used by movers and packers to wrap around the heavy items before shifting so that items are moved safely. It might sound an over-protective measure but it is important to take steps to protect your property during a move that can save you from regretting later.


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