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How to plan your move on bad weather?

There is an obscure delusion that relocating on a rainy weather brings bad luck, and though it may not be actually a curse or force but rain can make moving a bit harder and stressful. If it truly is heavily, you can re-schedule, and it can be the diligent choice when it comes to the safety and your Melbourne movers would be the professional one. If there are strong winds blowing and you don’t want to experience the flash flowing water when you are moving your items around the streets.

When you’re planning Melbourne moving, always make up your mind that it might rain, so ensure to include some extra wet weather belongings to your packing and you will be ready for the worst case scenario. It is not an issue if you keep an umbrella in your car, since you never know when you will need, but it’s great to have it on the backseat. There are things that you can’t control, so leave those things as if you wake up on a wet day. Controlling the weather is not in our hands but there will be other factors like timeframes being extended, slow and long traffic accompanied with slippery surfaces! Errors that can make your move difficult includes-

  1. Inappropriate attire for move on a wet day.
  2. Stopping when there is heavy downpours.
  3. Melbourne removalists coming late from a previous move.
  4. Slow traffic over the planned route.
  5. Muddy field with the old place and the new place.
  6. Pack your precious to be water resistant.
  7. Carry extra plastic tarps, towels, moving blankets and boxes with you.

Items might get slippery when there is wet so be cautious every time you plan local and interstate removals, lift things appropriately and ensure you have a good grip. Choosing good quality packing boxes will guard your items pretty well if they are manufactured of durable cardboard, but you can still take some extra precautions with taping to the creases and seals as these are the most susceptible parts of box. Make sure to keep towels with you to wipe any water dripping over the furniture as you see it, and get your moving truck checked for leaks while it is being loaded. Always remember it is safer to go with an experienced home or office relocation services rather than doing it on your own.


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