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Checklist to follow before movers & packers arrive

Whoa, so you have decided to move to your new house and the days is about to come! Are you excited for your move to a new location? Have you managed everything you need to do for relocation? Don’t worry, if you don’t know what you must do before the D-day arrives, this article will surely help. Melbourne moving can be tough if you don’t know what plan and procedure you should follow. By the way, congratulations for your new house! All the efforts you have poured into searching for reliable movers and packers have finally paid off. Although the movers and removalist in Melbourne you have hired are well-versed with their experience and expertise, you must do your job to ensure everything happens well. It is important to prepare a checklist and follow the tasks mentioned over it before the team of movers and packers arrive at your spot.

  1. Start by sorting out the items and categorize everything into useful and useless, i.e. get rid of items that you don’t need any more for your new house. It is useless to keep items that you are not going to use. You can either sell those items or giveaway to the needy ones.
  2. You might need some time before the day of packing your stuff, therefore, before you begin packing with the stuff in boxes, pack your essentials like toiletries, medications, extra pair of clothes, etc. for two-three days if any issues arrive.
  3. Keep the precious and expensive items separately packed into different box that is packed properly so that nothing of that loses while you are moving.
  4. Once you know what the items you will be moving are and done with the packing of essential items, you will now have only the items left that needs to be packed by the professional packers and movers.
  5. Ensure to defrost your refrigerator, AC, and other electronic appliances and remove the batteries, to avoid any leakage, which otherwise can ruin other belongings. Remove the sheets, covers, and other things from the furniture for allowing easy move.
  6. If you have kids in your house and you are planning to move with them, make sure they do not come into the way of movers, else this can either lead to damage of your belongings or they could even get hurt. Therefore, it would be great if you leave them to the house of your relatives.


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